It’s OK to act like you feel



More snow, and more on the way. Most of us have had enough.

A conversation I had with a student about a year ago came to mind. One of my dedicated yoginis walked in and I asked her, “How are you?” “Cranky,” she answered, then became a little apologetic. “Good, I told her, cranky is underrated.”

I meant it. There is nothing  “wrong” with being cranky. We should not judge our feelings, pushing away the ones we perceive as not nice, wrong. Our yoga practice teaches us to observe all our emotions, acknowledge the feelings. We understand life ebbs and flows, we can’t hang onto the good anymore than we can avoid the bad.

So if you are sad, be sad. If you are angry, be angry. If you are weary be weary. You get the idea. Act like you feel, let the feeling express. Stuffing a little cranky down will only give it more energy.

Be whole.

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