Are You Looking for Trouble?

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My dog Daisy has her quirky ways and her little routines. Rituals to keep things running smoothly in her world, through the years she has trained me to follow her cues. Upon waking, we have some adoring time, that means I get to kiss her on both sides of the face, then one kiss on top and she heads right to the treat jar, out pops the tongue, and she waits, waits until I give her the treat, then we repeat, and repeat again, until I say “no more”. Time to change tactics, she takes a walk around the room, looking for just the right item, sock, shoe, napkin, to run with, until ( I am well trained) she has my full attention, again, and I “make the trade” , giving her another treat, as she drops the item. You get the picture, she starts her day, “looking for trouble”. This is her “story”
Many of us start our days the same way… I recently worked on a client with sciatica. She was on the table, the pain subsided, she was happy, then she sat up, hmmmm, there it is, I continued to work the area, again, she felt good, but, wait, there it is… this went on. I realized, she would probably always have this pain, she identified with it, the pain had become “her story”, she may not have been ready/willing to let it go… Do you have an area in your life that you hang on to? Do you go “looking for trouble” My question is, can you do without it?

“Who would you be without your story?” Byron Katie

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