Rid yourself of overwhelm with these 3 tips

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I, like many of you, have lots of interests, lots going on, lots to do. I sometimes say yes, to, too many things,then wonder, “why did I agree to this?” Life in the information age can be fascinating, or some days just too much. Sometimes even the strongest of us feel,well, overwhelmed. Merriam -Webster dictionary states the word, overwhelm, is currently in the top 20% of their look-ups The simple definition, “to have too many things to deal with.”
I guess I’m not the only one feeling it…
I know there is always a choice, chaos or calm, I don’t have to be seduced by every thought that pops into my head, I don’t have to say yes to everything, right now, I should use the “let me get back to you” phrase… and yet, I often hear “I’ll be right there” coming out of my mouth. I do not want to add guilt into the mix, “shoulding” on myself, does not help…
How does one pull back, sort out, balance? Try breathing, body relaxation, and Bach.

1   Take a breath, and then another, close your eyes, keep going, just give yourself space to watch your breath, as it is, without trying to control, count, or change it, the breath will shift, you will begin to relax.
2   Get into Child’s pose, move to the floor, and lower your buttocks to your heels, your head toward the floor, use blankets under knees or buttocks if needed for support and comfort. Place your arms, by your side, over your head on the floor, or stack your fists and rest your forehead on them. Breathe.

3   Try a Bach Flower Remedy. The Remedies help us quickly, naturally, and gently come into balance. There are subtle differences between many of the remedies for overwhelm, so ask yourself some questions to narrow down your choices, or consult with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. Elm is the choice if you generally can handle many things and are just feeling a temporary loss of confidence for the task ahead. Hornbeam will be helpful if you are mentally weary, just the thought of all you need to accomplish may cause you to procrastinate. Centuary is for those who find it hard to say “no”, and often allow others to impose upon them, in balance; one would pay attention to their own needs, first.

Use these resources, then take it, one thing at a time.

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