Were The Beatles Wrong?


I was finishing up with a restorative class recently, when I had a flashback to my first healing circle. The year was 1988, I had heard about these “classes” had a conversation with the woman that led them, she told me “nothing is going on right now”.I waited a year to get into a class, timing… I was curious, I had done some work with crystals, affirmations; however, found myself still-hungry for knowledge. I traveled to Thomaston, with a friend. We arrived at a beautiful farm house, High Visions. Everyone formed a circle; there were feathers, rocks, crystals, chimes, sage, and candles. readily available. One by one people entered the circle and the “senders” swarmed around humming, waving. crystals, laying on hands, I thought, “what is going on here, what do I do, what am I supposed to do?” I figured it would not hurt to put my hand on the person and send “love”, and it didn’t, however, I would do things very differently today..”all you need is love” does not resonate with me, any more.
I sing all you need is neutral. My understanding of my life has changed, I think about Dr Randolph Stone’s Polarity model, everything has a positive charge negative and neutral charge, Dr Edward Bach offers similar thoughts, the flowers flood the negative with positive emotions to gently bring us back to balance, neutral. The now, the present, just observing, noticing. being aware. To me, everything is included in our life experience, we flow with life when we let go, stop judging, and come to stillness. To me now even love has a flip side. I chose detachment, possibilities,acceptance, center,neutral. I chose Peace. Your choice?

2 thoughts on “Were The Beatles Wrong?

  1. Wow, you were really on with this one-felt it!


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