Merry and Bright with Bach Flowers

This season can bring out the best or the stressed in us. Many of us feel up against the clock, too much to do not enough time, trying to create the picture perfect Holiday and balance daily obligations can leave a large gap between what we say the Holidays mean to us and walking our talk. I am offering up a few Bach Flower Remedy suggestions to help you find balance.
The Remedies can be used short or long term; you can use one Flower or combine up to 7 in a mixing bottle. A simple way to use a Remedy is to notice how you feel in the moment, select a single remedy, based on  that feeling, take 2 drops from the stock bottle, add the drops to a glass of water and sip, not “chug” the water or just take the 2 drops undiluted by mouth.
White Chestnut is helpful to those with active minds that won’t shut off, often with the same thoughts looping around, and sometimes keeping one awake at night.
Honeysuckle for those thinking things may never be as “good” as they were in past years, to help one become present and find the joy in the moment.
Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of what needs to be done? Hornbeam can help you stop procrastinating and move into action.
Finding you are less than tolerant of indecisive family members or friends, why can’t they see they are doing it wrong? Beech will help you to relax and let others live their own lives.
Rescue Remedy, the 5 Flower combination formula is often called “Yoga in a bottle” Guests arriving in 10 minutes and the tree just toppled, the dog pulled the roast off the table, you twisted your ankle running to take the burning cookies out of the oven? 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water or by mouth will help you quickly regain composure so you can deal with the situation.
As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, I am highly trained and qualified to help you with more complex problems and support you on the path to emotional balance. Contact me for a consultation.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

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  1. Great post! Thanks.


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