Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I receive many emails from different “thought leaders”, most of them are going on about making 2016 “your best year ever.”, and letting me know they have the answer to my current dilemma. Maybe they do. However, you all know I “preach” not to get attached to listening to any one Guru, become your own Guru. Only you can create change in your life.
I have been thinking about 3 words, Resolution, Intention, and Decision. Decision resonates with me for 2016. I let go of Resolution making a long time ago, I use the word Intention, however lately it’s lost its bite for me,” yeah, that was my intention, but this happened” is such an easy place to go to. Decision is my word, no way out, scary, yes, what if my choice was wrong, will I end up in a worse spot? It involves being responsible, growing up. You have all heard me say most of our problems are there because we are not connected to Source. You all know the feeling and price you pay when you do not listen to your internal guidance…
In 2016, I’m listening, I know for me this is an empowering practice. I will then take the required action; nothing will happen if I don’t make a move, course correct if I need to, without tearing myself apart, direct my energy by controlling my thoughts, “What you focus on expands” Flow with the life force, not against it.
It is a simple formula, Connect, Decide, Direct.
I’ve also decided to clear out most “thought leaders” from my Inbox.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Great post. Makes a lot of sense! Thank you.

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