Label Maker


I’ve been thinking about labels, degrees, descriptions, titles, those letters after our names. In 1999 after 3 pretty tough years of school, I earned the title, Registered Polarity Practitioner or RPP. This meant I had completed a certain amount of hours in studies that included anatomy, energetic assessment, communication/counseling skills, exercises, nutrition, structural balance, etc. I was thrilled; I had worked hard, believed in the work and just loved seeing RPP after my name.I have been a proud member of the American Polarity Therapy Association since 1996. As of February 26, I will no longer be a Registered Polarity Practitioner, my new title? Board Certified Polarity Practitioner. Just like that, I go from RPP to BCPP.  APTA has decided to do away with the RPP designation. Many members, like me, were holding both titles for the past few years. That is over. Boom, change… I am sure I will adjust to my new title.

I also think, maybe the only label that is truly useful is BY, Be Yourself.



4 thoughts on “Label Maker

  1. Congrats? What ver your title, you will always be “The Best” to our family! Thank you! Mary

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  2. Hope all is well, Debi! Titles aside- you make a difference in the people’s lives you come in contact with. We may be moving back soon- I miss your classes.

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    1. I think of you often, Jill. I hope all is well and that Zi do see you soon!


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