Every Breath You Take

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During the past few weeks, I have been encouraging everyone in classes to match the length of their inhales and exhales with the length of the movements, or notice if and where they might be having trouble. We are always connecting the breath to our postures, inhale, extend, exhale, fold, yet often in our determination to “do asana right”, we lose awareness of the quality of our breathing. We get caught in our heads.
I surprised myself, when I found I was grasping for air, finishing my inhale long before I had filled out the shape of the pose. “Whoa, what is going on?” I thought. By mid week I had my answer. A few weeks ago, someone said something nice to me, ” I am 99% sure, I rolled my eyes and poo-pooed this, brushing them off. She did not let go, “you know, you have trouble accepting compliments” she told me. Still, I did not acknowledge the kind words. Now, I’m grasping for inhales? Trouble taking in, can’t accept a compliment, what else am I blocking in my life? My “aha” moment. Basic Polarity or Yoga theory, energy flows out and returns. In, out, neutral.A complete circle. That is the breath of life.
How are you breathing into your life?


6 thoughts on “Every Breath You Take

  1. You’ve packed quite a lot to reflect on in this post. Thank you so much for this.
    PS you are a wonderful model to all of us with what you teach and how you are!


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