Energy Crisis


“ Polarity Therapy is not based on the illusion that one can achieve a state of constant relaxation and an end to all conflicts. It is rather based on the fact that most people are capable of utilizing their energies more effectively.”

Really, who wouldn’t want to learn to use their energies more effectively?

Here are some tips to help your manage your energy body.

Stop and breathe, it can be that simple, just watch, observe your breath, without trying to control it or change it. You could experiment with the continuous breath, just inhaling and exhaling, letting one breath run into the next. Need more structure? Try the square breath, inhaling 4 counts, holding the breath 4 counts, exhale 4 counts, retaining the breath 4 counts, repeat.

Here is a simple Polarity hold, sit, stand, or lie down, place your left hand to forehead, right hand to belly, thumb above the navel ,fingers spread out below the navel, gently rock the right hand for a soothing effect, or a little deeper and faster for a stimulating effect. Stop hold. Feel your energy.

Observe, situations, conversations, remember you do not have to engage with or believe every thought that comes into your head…

Now enjoy the shift in your energy.

1 thought on “Energy Crisis

  1. Good info. Especially at this busy time of year! Thank you!!


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