Goal setting, Intentions,and the New Year


So,how is it going for you in 2017? Still feeling excited about the new pages in front of you or has “the bloom come off the rose”?
I like to approach life goals from an energetic level first, you often hear me say the internal creates the external and energy proceeds form.This way I get the heavy lifting done first.

That said,why would anyone (here comes another old expression( “throw the baby out with the bath water”? There is nothing to fix. At the “being level” You are already whole, complete,perfect

My thoughts on goal setting? Start where you are, add in, take out, try new things, make adjustments, mistakes…Know you are already enough. Shed some layers and find your”Self”

Know life works naturally in a being, doing, having, direction… Decide,who you want to be in 2017 and Be That.

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