About Me


My name is Debi Testa and I am a Movement Coach. Movement has been both my life and my life’s work. I have been teaching for over 40 years and searching for answers to life since the mid 80’s. I am not someone with all the answers, I am an educator and perpetual student.  But two things have repeatedly appeared in my research and studies: when you move your energy, your life moves, too.

I have combined all my knowledge, experience, and studies together and have developed a unique approach to the body, mind and spirit. My work is based on the energetic principles of Polarity Therapy and Bach Flower Remedies, which focus on relieving blockages in your energy body and restoring your flow of life energy.  I am grateful for everyone that has helped me along the way and am committed to sharing their gifts. I am still living my little girl dream, now teaching people to dance into their wholeness.

My Story

My parents enrolled me in dance class at age 6, I loved everything about dance and still do, I knew from a young age this is where I would spend my working years and wanted to be a dance teacher for as long as I can remember. I had the pleasure and good fortune of studying a variety of techniques with the best teachers in the world, I spent years traveling to NYC to be with very creative minds, and my dream came true as I opened and directed my own studio for 23 years and encouraged many of my students to follow their dreams to become dancers, too. Another highlight of my career was teaching at Broadway Dance Center in NYC, a real dream come true! I still volunteer for “Groove with Me” in East Harlem.

Like many people, as I moved forward in my life, my focus began to shift from the external to the internal, the spaces and stillness between the sounds and steps. I became interested in connection, internal process, and energy.  In 1988 I was fortunate to meet and study with Flo Calhoun (Flo Aevia Magdelena), an R.N. who had concrete knowledge of body and spirit.  She was a patient and clear teacher. I worked with her for many years, studying her evolving methods in many locations, including training in both Vibrational Healing and Soul Recognition.  When it was time for us to go our separate ways, I pushed on, finding new sources to study with, people who introduced me to the modalities I currently work with: Reiki, Yoga, Polarity and Bach Flowers.

My life’s purpose is to teach movement, both external and internal.  Yoga and bodywork have been a natural progression for me from dance.  The piece that tied the external and internal movement together was learning about energy.  Everything is made of energy, energy has to move, energy is never lost, it simply transforms.  When I felt the energy moving in my body for the first time, I was amazed, and knew that together the physical and the energetic were more powerful than either were separate.  That lesson has inspired me to dedicate my life to sharing my knowledge of movement and energy with all my students, so they, too, can experience the shifts, and live a healthier, happier life, naturally!

My Qualifications

My earliest qualification is Vibrational Healing Training which I did in 1989 through Flo Calhoun / Innovative Methods of Health Care.  Following that training, I became a Soul Recognition Facilitator in 1995 through Soul Support Systems and Flo Aevia Magdelena.

I’ve been a second degree Reiki for 20 years.  The Reiki energy often flows through my hands during yoga classes, helping students ease into their breath and postures.  I became a first degree Reiki practitioner in 1992 and a second degree Reiki in 1993 through Usui Shiki Ryoho/ Reiki Master Synthia Ramsby. I am a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Practitioner, BCPP, RPP and I have been practicing Polarity Therapy for 17 years.  I have had over 700 hours of training (classroom and hands on) to earn these titles.

To maintain my certifications, I need to have continuing education credits every 2 years. I have been a member of American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) since 1996 when I started training with The Polarity Institute and Carol Ann Lucia.  I continued my training with Reese Williams Training Seminars in NY, NY and The Yoga and Polarity Center of Nassau, NY. My most recent certification from the APTA was “Board Certified Polarity Practitioner” in 2012 and I was among the 1st to receive this new certification from APTA.

I received my Yoga Teacher Certification in 1999 through The Yoga Institute.  I continue my studies by attending conferences, and taking workshops &  classes in NYC, at Kripalu, and through Yogafit.

I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner through Bach International Education Program/Living Enrichment.  I’ve been working with Bach Flower remedies since 1991. I, as a BFRP, share Dr. Bach’s ideals of simplicity and self-help. I work under The Bach Foundation’s Code of Practice.

I am CPR/AED certified, and insured through Philadelphia Ins Co.


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