“I have taken yoga classes from Debi for several years, on and off, as I moved back and forth between homes in San Francisco and Clinton, CT. And I have “done” yoga, all different kinds of yoga, for much longer. Debi is an absolute master at her craft. Perfection in yoga instruction. Regardless of one’s level of exposure to yoga – rank beginner to exceptionally advanced, one can get whatever they want/need out of her classes as she is THAT GOOD at what she does. Not only is she one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced, but her class environment is exceptionally nurturing and personalized to each individual’s needs. Her expertise in other areas (ex: Bach Flower Remedies, Polarity, Reiki) shines through in low key but perceptible ways making the entire class a lovely experience. I will continue to take classes from Debi as frequently as my schedule permits. I absolutely give her my highest recommendation.”

~J.B. Clinton, CT

“Thank you so much! It was a joy to meet you and a delight to experience working with you and with your clear, gentle, specific, helpful, productive and hands-on guidance.  Thank you so very much. I felt better in bed that night than I have in many months – after just one session. Thank you for that.”

~ E.G. NY, NY

“ I cannot thank you enough for helping me.  After just one session I felt so much more aligned, lighter and energetic that I walked three miles!”  

~ T.W. Hamden, CT

“I have practiced Yoga with Debi for a couple of years and after a lifetime of having abused my body from being a carpenter and an athlete I can honestly say that my body is feeling many years younger then when I started. She takes the time to show the proper alignment for each position therefore getting the most out of it. I have briefly had yoga instructors that don’t do that and it is a big difference doing them the correct way. Stretching and breathing is where it’s at.”


“I have been going to yoga class at Stone Temple for almost two years.  I have plantar fasciitis and the stretching exercises have made a big difference.  When I miss a class I have more foot pain all week. Debi is so approachable and helps everyone to modify poses so that they can reach their own personal best.  Everyone in class is supportive of each other and it makes yoga relaxing and fun.”


“In the past, I’ve tried different forms of exercise unsuccessfully.   Until this Yoga class, I didn’t stick with anything for long. For over a year, I’ve been enjoying Yoga. Not only do I look forward to it but I plan my week around it!  I feel very comfortable in Debi’s class.   Debi is very  welcoming and approachable. The stretching and breathing have really helped me improve my mind-body connection.  Debi is very mindful of each person’s capabilities and, with her encouragement, I can easily modify some of the poses for my particular needs.   For me, it is the perfect blend of movement and meditation.”


“I have a hard time relaxing. But Debi’s sessions always put me at ease. Best guided meditation that I’ve ever experienced!”


“I have to admit initially I was a bit skeptical that a natural combination of flowers could really address my life long procrastination challenges. But within one day of beginning my “drops,” I had completed 5 tasks I had been putting off for over a month, effortlessly.  I have continued with a “laser focus” and an overall sense of calm.”


“WOW.  I feel so much better after my Polarity Session. The pain has really subsided. I usually feel it when I get out of bed in the morning and I didn’t this morning.  Didn’t on my morning walk or climbing stairs at work so thanks a lot!”


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