Goal setting, Intentions,and the New Year


So,how is it going for you in 2017? Still feeling excited about the new pages in front of you or has “the bloom come off the rose”?
I like to approach life goals from an energetic level first, you often hear me say the internal creates the external and energy proceeds form.This way I get the heavy lifting done first.

That said,why would anyone (here comes another old expression( “throw the baby out with the bath water”? There is nothing to fix. At the “being level” You are already whole, complete,perfect

My thoughts on goal setting? Start where you are, add in, take out, try new things, make adjustments, mistakes…Know you are already enough. Shed some layers and find your”Self”

Know life works naturally in a being, doing, having, direction… Decide,who you want to be in 2017 and Be That.

Energy Crisis


“ Polarity Therapy is not based on the illusion that one can achieve a state of constant relaxation and an end to all conflicts. It is rather based on the fact that most people are capable of utilizing their energies more effectively.”

Really, who wouldn’t want to learn to use their energies more effectively?

Here are some tips to help your manage your energy body.

Stop and breathe, it can be that simple, just watch, observe your breath, without trying to control it or change it. You could experiment with the continuous breath, just inhaling and exhaling, letting one breath run into the next. Need more structure? Try the square breath, inhaling 4 counts, holding the breath 4 counts, exhale 4 counts, retaining the breath 4 counts, repeat.

Here is a simple Polarity hold, sit, stand, or lie down, place your left hand to forehead, right hand to belly, thumb above the navel ,fingers spread out below the navel, gently rock the right hand for a soothing effect, or a little deeper and faster for a stimulating effect. Stop hold. Feel your energy.

Observe, situations, conversations, remember you do not have to engage with or believe every thought that comes into your head…

Now enjoy the shift in your energy.

Three Lessons I learned From My Daisy


Life’s lessons are everywhere, here are a few I learned from my dog, Daisy.

1 Things are not always what you expect. Daisy entered my life in 2005, my boyfriend and I had recently lost our “big boy”, a magnificent Labrador, weighing 126 lbs, all muscle, Mr. Handsome. I was shown a picture of a baby Lab, she looked  like my boy, “she will not be big” the foster Mom told me, I payed little attention, Meeting Daisy for the first time, I saw, she was long, skinny, and had big ears & other than her eyes, looked very little like the photo, Expectations, dashed… however, I soon realized, things can be different, better in many ways than what my limited mind imagined. She grew into a beautiful mini Lab and I learned I could love another dog just as much, they are all special.Things are not always what you expect.

2 You don’t get what you want by giving up. Daisy never gave up. When it came to the treat jar, she would stand there, smiling, waiting to catch my eye, wagging her tail,for a long time, until ,yes, I popped a treat into her mouth.When she wanted my attention she would get right in my face and bark, until, again, yes, she got what she wanted. She taught me to stick with things, even if nothing appears to be happening.You don’t get what you want by giving up.

3 The toughest lesson I am learning is, my current one. Things change, life has to flow, energy goes out, in and settles in neutral. I cannot grasp or hold anything too tightly. She returned to Source October 16. I am dealing with her passing, grief is not easy, I know must loosen my grip, open my hand and let the energy flow.Energy has to move. Things change

I am grateful I could hold her at the end, and thank her for being in my life and for all the lessons.she taught me. I find comfort in the knowledge, her form is different (remember, lesson 1,expectations?) however her energy and love will always be with me as mine will be with her.

Quick Ways to Clean Your Yoga Mat


We are coming to the end of September and National Yoga Month.The perfect time for  little freshening up, so here are a few easy ways to clean your yoga mats.

* Weather warm? Take your mat outside and hose it down, use a mild soap and sponge, gently wipe down, rinse and let air dry.
* A little chillier? Soak your mat in the tub, again, a gentle rub with a mild soap, and sponge or microfiber cloth, air dry, maybe over the shower rod?
* Some mats are designed to be machine washed,before you proceed check your brand.
*In a hurry, can’t wait for “drying time”? Here is a recipe for a sanitizing spray…
Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, or 1/2 cup witch hazel.and a few drops each of 4 to 5 essential oils, tea tree, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus,peppermint or spearmint are good choices. Spray mat, gently wipe down, use a clean cloth to dry before turning it over and washing the other side. Mmmmm, nice scent!
* Not feeling ambitious? There are many mat cleaning sprays on the market, Spray, wipe, go.

That was easy, right?


It’s Time


I currently have a full inbox of emails, all of them about September. All encouraging me to get ready for Back to School,the start of a new year,a new beginning, fresh starts, new books,clothes,shoes,makeup,new ways to work on my business….new,the future,what’s next…
As an Aquarian and generally impatient person, this used to delight me,“The Future”… of course it will be better, I’ll be more content, happier, different. Really? What could be better than enjoying August, savoring summer? Wasn’t this what I was just hungering for a few months ago? I’m putting my feet up and enjoying my life right where it is this August, that new notebook will still be on a shelf in 4 or 5 weeks…
I am enjoying my Now Time.

Make Your Move



We all know the our bodies are meant to move, this is one of the reasons many of you come to class, you can feel the difference in your body after class. You enjoy this feeling.

We also all know the body, mind, and spirit are connected. An imbalance in one area can ripple into other areas. You don’t enjoy this feeling.

There is a way from here (not feeling good) to there (feeling good) Move, move with awareness, move with direction, move with presence. Move with the knowledge we are taking in vital energy, increasing life force, releasing blocks and healing.

Dr Randolph Stone encouraged us to “look for the health.” so, I suggest you  move something, a finger, a toe, change your mind, take one step, yawn or sigh, let go, any little or big movement…

Move something, because Dr Stone also said,  

Health is movement. Disease is fixation.






Pay Attention


We have been working with a saying in the Restorative class, “Your attention becomes your intention.”

I recently enjoyed a fortune cookie, and loved my “fortune” You will be surrounded by luxury”, I liked it so much I placed on the edge of my laptop.One night I was driving home from a family dinner and thinking about the elegantly set table, the delicious food, the fun company, I realized, I am surrounded by luxury! I’m embracing it.

Are you not seeing something right in front of you? What intention are you creating? Where is your attention?