Hi! I’m Debi Testa, I’m a Longevity Coach,

I help adults age successfully like the bad asses they are. I’m busting through myths, labels & concepts around age and showing people we all have a choice in our aging process,

I use movement, mindset, and motivation to help you stay ageless.When you’re cool, edgy, & fun, does age even matter?






“I have taken yoga classes from Debi for several years, on and off, as I moved back and forth between homes in San Francisco and Clinton, CT. And I have “done” yoga, all different kinds of yoga, for much longer. Debi is an absolute master at her craft. Perfection in yoga instruction. Regardless of one’s level of exposure to yoga – rank beginner to exceptionally advanced, one can get whatever they want/need out of her classes as she is THAT GOOD at what she does. Not only is she one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced, but her class environment is exceptionally nurturing and personalized to each individual’s needs. Her expertise in other areas (ex: Bach Flower Remedies, Polarity, Reiki) shines through in low key but perceptible ways making the entire class a lovely experience. I will continue to take classes from Debi as frequently as my schedule permits. I absolutely give her my highest recommendation.”            J.B. Clinton, CT