Make Your Move



We all know the our bodies are meant to move, this is one of the reasons many of you come to class, you can feel the difference in your body after class. You enjoy this feeling.

We also all know the body, mind, and spirit are connected. An imbalance in one area can ripple into other areas. You don’t enjoy this feeling.

There is a way from here (not feeling good) to there (feeling good) Move, move with awareness, move with direction, move with presence. Move with the knowledge we are taking in vital energy, increasing life force, releasing blocks and healing.

Dr Randolph Stone encouraged us to “look for the health.” so, I suggest you  move something, a finger, a toe, change your mind, take one step, yawn or sigh, let go, any little or big movement…

Move something, because Dr Stone also said,  

Health is movement. Disease is fixation.






2 thoughts on “Make Your Move

  1. Dolores Testa July 9, 2016 — 6:28 pm

    Interesting how the words just seem to flow from you!


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