Quick Ways to Clean Your Yoga Mat


We are coming to the end of September and National Yoga Month.The perfect time for  little freshening up, so here are a few easy ways to clean your yoga mats.

* Weather warm? Take your mat outside and hose it down, use a mild soap and sponge, gently wipe down, rinse and let air dry.
* A little chillier? Soak your mat in the tub, again, a gentle rub with a mild soap, and sponge or microfiber cloth, air dry, maybe over the shower rod?
* Some mats are designed to be machine washed,before you proceed check your brand.
*In a hurry, can’t wait for “drying time”? Here is a recipe for a sanitizing spray…
Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, or 1/2 cup witch hazel.and a few drops each of 4 to 5 essential oils, tea tree, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus,peppermint or spearmint are good choices. Spray mat, gently wipe down, use a clean cloth to dry before turning it over and washing the other side. Mmmmm, nice scent!
* Not feeling ambitious? There are many mat cleaning sprays on the market, Spray, wipe, go.

That was easy, right?


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